Thursday, January 15, 2009

iNEMI Boundary-Scan Adoption Survey

iNEMI wants to hear about your experiences with boundary scan. Whether you work with printed circuit boards and use the technology (e.g., are a PCB designer, test engineer, engineering manager, design-for-test consultant, service & support staff, system architect, test equipment provider, etc.) or are an IC designer who integrates boundary scan into your products - iNEMI wants to hear from you. iNEMI is gauging the adoption rate of boundary scan and identifying any impediments to widespread use. Your input can provide valuable feedback to help improve test implementation and coverage for electronic products.

Survey Closed

Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Embed BSDL File Names in the Board Schematics and Netlist with Cadence OrCAD Capture

This article explains how to use the Cadence OrCAD Capture program to embed the BSDL file names in the schematics. The BSDL file name and package information will then be included in the packages section of a Telesis format netlist when it is created by OrCAD Capture.

EMA Currents - Winter 2008 Edition