Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Embed BSDL File Names in the Board Schematics and Netlist with Cadence OrCAD Capture

This article explains how to use the Cadence OrCAD Capture program to embed the BSDL file names in the schematics. The BSDL file name and package information will then be included in the packages section of a Telesis format netlist when it is created by OrCAD Capture.

EMA Currents - Winter 2008 Edition


JohnTEaton said...

Please fix your link.

Embedding the bsdl filename means that you now have to include the bsdl file in your release package. You now must make sure that everything is in the database where it can be found.

Managing where all the pieces go is often overlooked.

When are schematic capture systems going to import their symbols by reading the bsdl file? It has all the correct pin names and package info.All you would need to to is rearrange the pins for the desired graphic.

John Eaton

Unknown said...

Link to this document is

Anonymous said...

The BSDL files are one more piece to keep track of but it really isn't that bad. We actually go through the full boundary-scan test procedure generation process for our hardware before going to layout in order to maximize the test coverage and as one extra design rule check. The test files just get added to the rev control structure so everything is in one place.

Totally agree about the capture systems importing the symbols.